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-- Texas-based Trade Wave Corporation deals in software, services and consulting for electronic commerce. Its search engine lets visitors search the "TradeWaveGalaxy" by subject. Includes links to other searchable reference materials and directories.

-- Search for Web sites of technology corporations.

-- Starting Point introduces visitors to the wonders of the Web with its keyword search engine and preset hot buttons. When you create a home page, the creation isn't done until people, directories and search engines know you're on the web. The Starting Point site provides forms for submitting your page to a number of different Web search engines and directories.

-- What's New Too is an extensive, searchable index of World Wide Web sites, with over 500 new announcements daily. Visitors can add their own announcements and Web site links here.
  • WHO'S WHO -- The Who's Who on the Internet page lets visitors search through the thousands of personal home pages on the Web.

  • APOLLO -- "The Web's Top Advertisement Catalog!Local and Global Advertising." Based in the UK.

  • ALIWEB -- A resource discovery system for the WWW.

  • BIZWIZ -- BizWiz is a database of World Wide Web Sites that are STRICTLY FOR BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS. It is searchable by category and by key words.

  • CUSI -- The Configurable Unified Search Interface allows visitors to search the databases of a collection of World Wide Web indexes using keyword searches. Search the contents of online catalogs like TradeWave's Galaxy, WebCrawler, and even Lycos from a single jumpstation.

  • CLEARINGHOUSE -- The Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides provides a central access point for value-added topicalguides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources.

  • COMFIND -- "The Internet's largest global business directory! Search the world or target your own backyard."

  • ELECTRIC LIBRARY -- "You'll begin researching images and text from brand-name publishers in one easy-to-use Web site. With over one billion words and over 21,000 images, The Electric Library can answer your most essential questions."

  • IBM INFOMARKET SEARCH -- An exciting new information service which lets you simultaneously search Web resources including Yahoo and Usenet Newsgroups but also commercial news and business information from Business Wire, PR Newswire and Disclosure. There's no other service like it on the Net today.

  • INTERNET ENTREPRENEURS -- "Dedicated to providing the 'Best of the Best' links, services, and resources to help entrepreneurs make money on the Internet ."

  • METROSCOPE -- Links users to 5,000+ best websites, organized by cities.

  • NETCENTER INTER-ACTIVE YELLOW PAGES -- Growing commercial search facility.

  • NYNEX YELLOW PAGES -- America's national Yellow Pages. 16.5 mission businesses.

  • NETMALL -- Online business opportunities and services. .

  • NET HAPPENINGS -- Net-happenings is a service of InterNIC Directory & Database Services and the list moderator, Gleason Sackman of North Dakota's SENDIT Network for K-12 educators. The purpose of the list is to distribute to the Internet community announcements of interest to network staffers and end users. .

  • OPEN MARKET -- You can use this form to submit new listings, updates, and announcements to Open Market's Commercial Sites Index. This is a free service: there is no charge for listings.

  • POSTMASTER -- You fill out one form, click on one button and -- presto! -- your announcement is automatically posted to apx 100 of the most popular Web sites and publications on the Internet & goes out to several hundred key editors at print publications, TV and radio stations worldwide.

  • SBI BBS DIRECTORY -- Selected BBSs on the Internet, tables of BBSs with Email and telnet info and more.

  • SUPERMARKETS ONLINE -- Grocery shopping system makes menus, shopping lists, finds stores, & factors in coupons & current ads.

  • SUBMIT-IT! -- A free service designed to make the process of submitting your URLs to a variety of WWW catalogs faster and easier. Register with over 15 different catalogs, but fill out just one form!

  • THE LIST -- Lists Internet Provider Companies.

  • VIRTUAL YELLOW PAGES -- A comprehensive and easy to use directory of Web sites and information. The VYPr uses a revolutionary patented search engine that gives you the power of natural language concept searching as well as keyword search.

  • WORLDWIDE YELLOW PAGES -- Offers free URL listing submissions.

  • WHOLE INTERNET CATALOG -- GNN, the first fully integrated Internet service with a mission to provide you with a Best of the Net experience.

  • WAIS -- When you don't know your way around, try WAIS. Developed at Thinking Machines Corp., WAIS (Wide-Area Information Servers) are databases containing text-based documents, sound, pictures, and video found on the Internet. Material is located using keywords or questions.

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