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-- Lycos, "the catalog of the Internet," offers a powerful search engine into which is integrated a variety of exclusive Web services. Its a2z directory (hello) provides links to the catalog's most frequented sites, while Point ranks and reviews the "Top 5%" of the Web.
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--This research prototype of Inktomi technology will soon be replaced by a fully featured commercial search service. The Inktomi technology exploits parallel computing technology to build a scalable web serverusing commodity workstations; currently uses 4 SparcStation 10s. Berkeley Inktomi is part of the Network of Workstations project at the University of California at Berkeley.

--This is the ultimate Web reference from the people who wrote the book. To do a keyword search, you may enter partial site names, URLs, or words from a description. The more keywords you supply, the narrower the search results will be.

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Find personal Web pages easily with Search! Personal Pages!

  • (BOBAWORLD) Surf N Search
  • FIND-IT! --Lets you find what you're looking for, no matter what it is! Enter your search request in the space provided and click onthe Find-It! button. Need more options? Click on the "Advanced search" link for the search type you want.

  • G.O.D. -- G.O.D. is here to help you navigate the World Wide Web. Whether it's your first time or you're an experienced surfer, G.O.D. offers you a variety of routes to take you where you want to go.

  • INTERNET SLEUTH --Featuring a collection of over 750 searchable databases,this site offers keyword access to the Web. For those whoprefer to browse, an index of topics is also featured.

  • MAGELLAN WEB SEARCH --Basic Magellan via the U of Washington Law School.

  • META SEARCH --Covers the WWW, software, and dictionaries & thesauri.

  • MCKINLEY INTERNET DIRECTORY --The McKinley Group was founded in 1993 by a team of international publishers, technologists and information specialists.Their Internet directory, the Magellan, contains listings for more than one million sites, 30,000 of which are fully described,reviewed, and rated (with one to four stars).

  • NERD WORLD MEDIA --Yahoo-like categorical Internet subject indexes.

  • NET LOCATOR --"You will find whatever you want, wherever it is located."

  • PROMOSURF --Indexes and Catalogs,Search Engines, Cool Sites, What's New Sites, Business Listing Sites, and Free For All's.

  • SEARCH THE INTERNET --Includes links to Archie & Veronica servers, & misc WWW search engines.

  • W3 CATALOG --Comprehensive links to Web sites around the world, based on searches by key words or Perl regular expressions.

  • WEB-SEARCH --"The Source of Searches."Many awards.

  • WWW WORM --Serving 3,000,000 URL's to 2,000,000 folks/month.

  • WEBSTEP TOP 100 --The exclusive WebStep TOP 100 Master Index, the best free places to list your web site.

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